im Test #5

Die Figur wurde Heute versendet!

Hab Heute eine E-Mail bekommen, dass die Bestellung versendet wurde:

[FJ] We shipped your item!

Dear Steffen Meissner,

We shipped your item today to the following address: 
Country : XXX
zip : XXX
Name : XXX
Tel : XXX

Please allow that it will take about 1 week for shipment for delivery via EMS.

Your Tracking number : XXX
You can track your order at
*Note: it takes some time for Japan Post to register the tracking information into their system,
so you may not get any information if you track your parcel soon after receving this email.

Please click the following link to check the item details.

Please feel free to e-mail us at if you have any questions.
Thanks once again for using our service.
We hope you will come back and visit us soon at

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For further details:

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Laut einigen Usern, soll der Versand via EMS ca. 1 Woche dauern. Ich werds sehen, hab ja zum Glück mit Tracking. ^^
EMS Tracking