Desktop Ponies 4 iOS (English)

[color=#FF0000]The Desktop Ponies 4 iOS will no longer be updated![/color]

Hey guys!

Today I’m gonna show you my “Desktop Ponies 4 iOS”.
Everybody of you should know Desktop Ponies for the computer.
This is a port of them to iOS!
A jailbreak is necessary, to get the ponies on your iDevice.

[size=large][u][color=#FF0000]1. Installation:[/color][/u][/size]
1.1 Your iDevice [u]needs[/u] a jailbreak, this is essential.
1.2 Add in cydia the following source ->
1.3 If you’ve added the source, click on it and you see some ponies.
1.4 With the first installation of any ponie, “iWidgets” will get installed too.
This is all the time necessary to activate the ponies.
1.5 There will be also once a time a respring with the first installation.
1.6 Congratulations! You’ve got your first ponies on your iDevice!

[size=large][u][color=#FF0000]2. Setting up your ponies:[/color][/u][/size]
2.1 Tap and hold your finger at any clear place on your display.
2.2 Now it should appear a menu of iWidgets, where all installed ponies are listed.
2.3 Tap on any pony and click at the right area “Add”.
2.4 It should now appear at the upper left corner.
2.5 Congratulations! Now a pony is dancing on your screen!

[size=large][u][color=#FF0000]3. Moving the ponies:[/color][/u][/size]
3.1 Tap and hold any pony (or any app) until the app icons are starting to wiggle.
3.2 Tap and hold your selected pony and move it onto any place you want.
3.3 Press once time the home-button to stop the app icons to wiggle.
3.4 Congratulations! You’ve moved your pony successfully!

[size=large][u][color=#FF0000]4. Remove the ponies from your screen:[/color][/u][/size]
4.1 Tap and hold any pony (or any app) until the app icons start to wiggle.
4.2 Tap the little ‘X’ which is placed at the upper left corner on your pony.
4.3 Press once time the home-button to stop the app icons are starting to wiggle.
4.4 Congratulations! You’ve removed your pony successfully!

[size=large][u][color=#FF0000]5. Uninstall your ponies:[/color][/u][/size]
5.1 Follow all steps of the fourth part.
5.2 Open Cydia and navigate to “manage”.
5.3 Tap on “packages” and seek your pony, which you want to deinstall.
5.4 Tap at the selected pony upper right onto “Change” and finally on “Remove”.
5.5 Congratulations! You’ve deinstalled your pony successfully!


[i]Which ponies are all available?[/i] You can find a list of all [url=]HERE[/url].

[i]Are also OCs/ponysonas possible?[/i] Of course! Simply send me the GIF of your OC as Desktop Pony Style.

[i]Can I wish a certain pony in order that it will be released in your repo before others?[/i] Yes, that’s also possible if a Desktop Pony version is available.

[i]What does a “jailbreak” mean?[/i] Look it up [url=]HERE[/url]

[i]Which iOS versions are supported?[/i] Usually all versions which are supporting “iWidget”. So far, I’ve tested it only at iOS 7.0.4.

[i]How did you make them?[/i] The source code is on GitHub


– Some ponies are blurred.
– With the change from “Landscape” into “Portrait”, some ponies are getting missing.